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Do we really want Amazon deciding what is “too filthy” for readers? Bryan is back from his mysterious absence last week and he took a moment with Jim to thank their generous patrons - Write! Shonen Manga, WordPress Security 101: How to Secure Your Website Against Hackers, and The Commons. Book 1: The Journeyman. Afterwards, they jumped right into this weeks tips, which include how authors can improve sales by testing their book covers, how authors can boost their productivity, and how you can fortify your Facebook security settings. This week in news, discover why readers and authors should give Google Play another try, learn more about the world of BookTubing with Ariel Bissett, find out how to boost your business with tips from Jane Friedman, learn if Barnes & Noble can win over readers with its new app, why we think Amazon is shutting down Kindle Scout, and how Amazon’s recent change filtered out adult-themes titles from main category rankings. Question of the Week: Should Amazon be able to judge which books are too "filthy" to sell? Why or why not?

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