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Jim and Bryan welcomed their first patron G.D. Leon to the show to talk about what he’s learned from the podcast. After thanking their patrons Jamie Arpin-Ricci (for the book The Last Verdict 
 ), Gillian Felix (for her service Plain Talk Book Marketing ), and Emma Alisyn (and her book Character Sketch & Color ), the self-pubbed pub-lovers talked tips related to Nook Press, harassment, and cupcakes. News stories included reactions to the Merritt Tierce mail carrier piece, laws about autographed books, TOR’s indie marketing play, the Society of Authors’ request for income protection, the predatory vanity presses at major trade shows, and a new threshold for leaving reviews at Amazon. This week’s Question of the Week: Are you in support of a law that provides publisher transparency AND additional author earnings if companies turn enough of a profit? ALSO, who would you want to see speak at a live author event in 2017?
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After plugging the upcoming Indie Author Day (on October 8th, 2016), Jim and Bryan chatted with Ashley Durrer from InstaFreebie for their latest lab segment. Following their big thanks to two patrons, Craig Lea Gordon (and his book Hypercage ( ) and Megan Haskell (and her book Sanyere: The Heir Apparent ), the publishing pilgrims took on tips related to relaunching your books, Shelfie’s new reader tool, and a “caring” social media strategy. News stories included Google Play’s new recommendation algorithm, Amazon’s big news about Audible, the end of the authors vs. Harlequin lawsuit, one author’s tough road, and another author’s joke-turned-success story. This week’s Question of the Week: If you could choose literary fame as a pauper or financial success without acclaim as an indie, which would you choose and why? How would your answer have differed when you just started out as an author?

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This week, Jim and Bryan took on the latest in news and tips! After thanking their latest patron Matthew Paulson and his book The Ten-Year Turnaround (available here: ), the two trailblazers took on tips related to paid advertising, email collection, and erotica promo sites. News stories included Barnes & Noble blame, Hugh Howey’s publishing projections, some trad pub “Whale Math,” Colleen Hoover’s industry thoughts, and Rosalind James’ slow and steady approach to making readers happy. This week’s Question of the Week: Do you think too many authors and piracy are the reason Colleen Hoover’s book sales have decreased? Why or why not? If you were her, how would you use your large following to try to turn things around?

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Here’s a little comedy for your Friday! In this special edition of the show, H. Claire Taylor joined Bryan to do a preview of their upcoming podcast, Something Nice to Say (you can contribute to the show’s Kickstarter campaign here: ). Bryan and Claire discussed their experiences with traditional publishing before launching into their trademark “three nice things.” Expect Daniel Plainview impressions and a discourse on the shark’s name in the movie Jaws.

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Jim and Bryan definitely didn’t wear white for their first post-Labor Day episode. After Bryan chatted about his comedy Kickstarter (at ), they took on tips related to giveaways, launches, and fairy tale retellings. Following the much-deserved props given to Randy Stapilus and his book What Sells Books (available at ), the self-publishing stalwarts talked fighting fraud, Pew surveys, indie crossword puzzles, library ebooks, and KU vs. Wide. This week’s Question of the Week: Would you put your free ebooks into the New York Public Library? Why or why not? What kind of results do you think you’d see from entering into the catalogue?

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