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Has Nook finally waived the white flag? Find out in our latest episode! Jim and Bryan take on tips about efficient book launches, common mistake, and information overload. After thanking their patron Dead Still, the two triple-threats discussed stories on Amazon's Alibaba sale in China, attitudes about intellectual property, Canada's audio battleground, and Barnes & Noble making changes with the Nook. This week's Question of the Week: Is Barnes & Noble getting a tech partner or selling its ebook and e-reader business a good thing for authors or a bad thing and why?

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Bryan and Jim are back with a very news-focused show! After thanking their patrons, Black Shadow Moon, The Tilt, and Twins of Prey, the publishing pundits discussed making big plays, connecting with readers on social media, and how to improve your email engagement. News stories included an idea for improving KDP customer support, lessons Joanna Penn learned in her sixth year in publishing, why trad pub bet big against digital, a new system in erotica characterization, and what we can learn from Chance the Rapper. This week's Question of the Week: At what point should an indie be considered a "sellout?"

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What's your KU pain point? Jim and Bryan ask the big questions this week on Episode 180. After thanking their patrons Guardian of the Brail, Achieve Anything in Just One Year, and How to Drive Your Next Car Deal, the Towers of Publishing Power discussed tips on paperback preorders, rookie publishing mistakes, and a new email swap service. News stories included teaching self-publishing to high schoolers, Rip Van Winkle syndrome for midlisters, tips for Amazon Ads, Kobo's new audiobook platform, and Amazon's lawsuits to stop scammers. This week's Question of the Week: How much would your earnings have to drop to consider going wide instead of in KU? Also, would you consider leaving if Amazon's actions against the scammers aren't effective? Why or why not?

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Happy Labor Day! Jim and Bryan each ran special sales this week (discount book descriptions and reviewer submissions) and chatted at length about tips on sending personal emails, dealing with fear, and changing up your Facebook Ads. After thanking their patrons Thawed, The Hat Trick Series, and The Dragon Rustler, the emperors of entrepreneurship discussed news stories on earning from shorter works, WordPress 5.0, waiting to promote your books, creating a shared universe, and alleged discrimination from Playster. This week's Question of the Week: Would it be as big a story if a major retailer like Amazon allegedly discriminated against LGBT books, or is the story the same magnitude no matter where that discrimination happens?

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