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It’s been quite a year, what story is at the top of your list? As 2017 draws to a close, Jim and Bryan take some time to recap some of the ups and downs of 2017 including the top ad platform for authors, the closing of an e-book aggregator and who is stepping in to fill that void, what was the biggest growth sector in publishing, scammers taking over, and why authors complained so much this past year - and what they can do differently in 2018. Question of the Week: What do you think was the biggest story of 2017 and why?

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Could changing how you react to negativity have a positive impact on your business in 2018? In the home stretch to the end of 2017, Jim and Bryan take a moment to thank their patrons: Covermint Design, Plain Talk Book Marketing, and The Efficient Writer. Tips include great advice on how to quit your 9-to-5 to write full-time, selling more books by keeping promises to readers, and how a key in making a living writing is to keep writing the next book. In publishing news, Patreon reverses it’s decision about fee structures, Amazon has released a year-end bestseller compilation list, audiobooks continue as the fastest growing segment in digital publishing, Amazon’s payouts for KU increased again, and authors are experiencing major delays in sales reporting from Amazon. Question of the week: How do you cope with negativity and other things that don't go well in your business? How might you change the way you react going forward in 2018?

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If you came up with a term that became popular, would you lawyer up and trademark it? Jim and Bryan start out by thanking their wonderful patrons: The Newbie's Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing, The Secret Blush, and What Sells Books. They had some valuable tips to share this week including how best to communicate with Amazon in order to resolve author issues, thinking like artisans rather than manufacturers, how one urban fantasy author Shayne Silvers went from earning a few hundred a month to five-figures after taking some time to do research, and The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is looking for more SFWA members to participate in a new indie bundle. News items include how authors can revamp their book covers with trend predictions from 99Designs, Hoopla is expanding their catalogs for young kids and comic lovers, the importance of proper estate planning regarding author’s intellectual property, indies aren’t happy about Patreon’s new fee structure, and Aleron Kong has trademarked the term “LitRPG”, irking others in the genre. Question of the Week: If you created or popularized a term that later became a successful product or genre for multiple people, would you consider trademarking it? Why or why not?

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Do you think it’s worth $599 for a Premium GoodReads giveaway? Jim and Bryan take a few moments to thank their wonderful patrons Write! Shonen Manga by R. A. Paterson, The Reluctant Detective by Tom Fowler, and Hypercage by Craig Lea Gordon. The latest tips include how authors can hook new readers with snappy taglines, how writers giving in to Imposter Syndrome are only hurting their careers, and tips for improving productivity. News from the publishing world includes how messenger bots could kill off what little organic reach is left on Facebook, small press Loose Id is shutting down, PublishDrive continues to make headway in indie publishing, why indies should use caution before enrolling in Audible Romance, and GoodReads is revamping their giveaway program. Question of the Week: Would you pay $599 for a Premium Goodreads Giveaway? Why or why not?

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