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Will younger print readers stick with the medium when they get older or head to ebooks or audiobooks? The dynamic podcasting duo is back for another week of news and tips for authors. After taking a moment to thank their patrons: Triumviratus, Stone Cold, and The Hunted, they share some great tips including why indies should embrace their role as “Youpreneurs”, why writers should never give up on their books, and protecting their KDP by-line. Latest news items include why authors aren’t the only ones hurt by scammers, how the future of the internet rests in the hands of the next billion users, why a serial fiction startup is gaining traction, how shady characters are using CreateSpace to launder money, and why bestselling author Terry Goodkind stirred up a firestorm when he publicly ridiculed his cover art. Question of the Week: When the paperback-reading Snapchat generation gets into their 20s and 30s, will they keep reading paperbacks, move to ebooks, or go straight to audiobooks and why?

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Setting a $9.99 price point for your book? Crazy or the thing to do? Jim and Bryan are taking to the mic once again, this time they kick off the show with some exciting news about exciting news about Jim's traditionally published book and contract. Next they took a moment to acknowledge their generous patrons: Doubt the Stars, Guardian of the Grail, and Achieve Anything in Just One Year. Tips include how authors can get more reviews, venturing outside your comfort zone can be a good thing, and how to improve your time management. In the latest news, Michael Alvear shares a survey about authors' experiences with Facebook advertising, one Wattpad author may see her characters on TV, Kindle Worlds might not be all it’s cracked up to be, pricing ebooks at $9.99, and Barnes & Noble just laid off 1800 workers - could this be the beginning of the end? Question of the Week: Would you ever consider pricing your ebooks at $9.99? Why or why not? If you ever have priced your books higher than average, did you see any results?

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Get out your crystal balls: will people be listening to or reading books more in 5 years? Jim and Bryan are back with another dose of the latest news and tips in the publishing world. First up, they take a moment to thank their generous patrons: A Turn for the Worse, How to Become a Productivity Guru, and COLD WAR: Alien Incursion. This week’s tips include how writers can breathe new life into their outreach efforts, creating audiobooks, and expanding their international reach. In news: StreetLib expands its global reach, some traditionally published authors are joining together to self-publish short stories, the Washington Post is updates its bestseller list, Audible wins the rights to Shaun White’s memoir, and why authors should ignore naysayers and publish on their own terms. Question of the Week: What's going to be bigger in five years: audiobooks or ebooks? And why?

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To feed the trolls or not feed the trolls, that is the question. Bryan and Jim are back with the latest in publishing. First, they took a moment to thank their patrons: We Own the Sky, Faster Than Falling, and Leaving Eva. This week’s tips include how to reach more readers by building and organizing your email list, building brand recognition with an author logo, and expanding your social media reach with Grabbr. In news: Amazon partners with Susan G. Komen to fight breast cancer, new Amazon updates could give authors a sneak peak into the future of AMS, how to bring your storytelling to social media, why you should diversify your income, Draft2Digital's big plans to boost discoverability, and why authors may not want to be afraid to stand for what they believe in. Question of the Week: Should you avoid feeding the trolls and keep your career's status quo or is it better to feed the trolls for a chance at growing your business (with a chance of taking a hit as well)? And why?

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