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If you could have a “do-over” on launching any of your titles, what would you change? Bryan’s voice is back and Jim survived a horrendous landscaping accident! Remember to take advantage of the payment plan for the Sell More Books Show Summit tickets before it disappears on July 4th. Bryan thanks this week’s wonderful featured Patrons: How to Fight Fair in Your Marriage, Divorced Dad, and Somebody's Darling. This week’s Happy Book Reviews Feature winner is Steeven Orr! Some great tips include how to integrate Scrivener and Vellum, What the hot new marketing GIF collection can do for you, and why you might want to use a tone analyzer to evaluate your writing. Honorable Mention goes to the launch of Prime Reading in France. The five top news stories in this episode include how to use your existing social media to launch your first book, a relaunch success story from Danielle Romero, how to keep writing in spite of health issues, why you might want to serialize your rough draft to build readership, and you may have to collect sales tax in the near future. Question of the Week: Would you ever consider relaunching any of your books? If so, what strategies would you use to get them right the second time around?

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When you hit the big time how do you plan to be smart with your money and protect your financial future? This week's Happy Book Reviews Feature winner is Randy Green! Bryan is a little under the weather so Jim takes a moment to thank this week’s wonderful Patrons: Guild of Tokens, Planet Dead One Shot, and Gold Frankincense and Myrrh. This episode’s tips include how to compare KDP Print and Createspace, why you want to control your Also Boughts, and what price points will actually hurt your sales. The stories that fought their way to the top this week are how Amazon is bundling short stories and audio, what author M. A. Robbins did to hit his biggest month ever, why Amazon’s new gifting feature won’t actually effect sales numbers, when a rapid fire release strategy can really boost sales, and why you should take control of your finances with confidence. Question of the Week: If you were to become a big-name author, how would you handle your finances to ensure that unscrupulous people wouldn't siphon your funds behind your back?

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How confident are you that Amazon will keep current pricing with Audible? Bryan and Jim marvel at 219 straight weeks of podcasts and remind listeners to get Summit 2019 tickets before they are sold out. Bryan calls for indie author success stories and announces the QOTW winners. The guys thank ALL wonderful Patrons at Bryan and Jim have some helpful tips like using the right credit card to get points from your ad spend, how to re-invigorate your New Year’s resolutions, and which activities will help increase your productivity. The big news stories this week were how Chance Carter had to pay the piper, what are Apple and Amazon’s reader conversion plans, why one author is going wide for a launch advantage, why Amazon is taking a page from brick and mortar for pricing, which author’s series reboot hit the Top 1,000 in the Kindle Store, and why Amazon and Apple are in an audio content war. Question of the Week: Do you see Amazon sticking with the Audible model of $15 for one book (and its Channels content) per month or will it shift to an Unlimited model and why?

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What can you do to avoid getting derailed by stories of scammers on Amazon? Bryan returns from his trip to Virginia and he and Jim have a fantastic announcement about the Sell More Books Show Summit 2019. There’s a quick clarification regarding Reddit, a shout out for SMBS Bingo and then on to thank the Patrons, including Awakening Forever, Character Sketch & Color, and Twins of Prey. This week’s hottest Tips cover how to prevent procrastination with a daily routine, how to design a quick and useful logo, and which tools can create the launch buzz you need. The stories that made the news this week are why the Barnes and Noble CEO is out of touch, what happened to the author of Fight Club, why indie sci-fi and fantasy titles are keeping pace with trad pubbed ebooks, why diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend, and which strategies are not okay with Kindle Unlimited and who doesn’t seem to care. Question of the Week: Given the fact that Amazon likely can't stop ALL of the scammers ALL of the time, how will you best carry on without letting stories of bad practices dismantle your writing and marketing tasks?

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