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If you could have a “do-over” on launching any of your titles, what would you change? Bryan’s voice is back and Jim survived a horrendous landscaping accident! Remember to take advantage of the payment plan for the Sell More Books Show Summit tickets before it disappears on July 4th. Bryan thanks this week’s wonderful featured Patrons: How to Fight Fair in Your Marriage, Divorced Dad, and Somebody's Darling. This week’s Happy Book Reviews Feature winner is Steeven Orr! Some great tips include how to integrate Scrivener and Vellum, What the hot new marketing GIF collection can do for you, and why you might want to use a tone analyzer to evaluate your writing. Honorable Mention goes to the launch of Prime Reading in France. The five top news stories in this episode include how to use your existing social media to launch your first book, a relaunch success story from Danielle Romero, how to keep writing in spite of health issues, why you might want to serialize your rough draft to build readership, and you may have to collect sales tax in the near future. Question of the Week: Would you ever consider relaunching any of your books? If so, what strategies would you use to get them right the second time around?

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