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Honoree Corder visited the show to talk about publishing, books, and the Amazon Breakfast! After thanking Honoree (and her book You Must Write a Book ), Craig Lea Gordon (and his book Hypercage ) and Kirsten Oliphant (and her book Email Lists Made Easy for Writers and Bloggers ), the trio discussed tips on author training, creative visualization, and finding your ideal readers. News stories included a nonfiction NaNoWriMo, Free Book Zones, interactive YA entertainment, the “wall of content,” horror bleeding indies, and tips from the Amazon Breakfast. This week’s Question of the Week: Have you used visualization or other personal development tactics to achieve your goals? Why or why not?

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Are the good times over? Not for Jim, Bryan, and the indie community! After thanking their patrons Spider McGee (and his book Monkey Justice ), Charles Eugene Anderson (and his book Time Code ) and J. Rutger Madison (and his book A Curse Upon the Saints ), the publishing patriots chatted about social media, author courses, and editor-finding tools. News stories included evaluating your business model, dedicating yourself to the right work, diversity in publishing, how to avoid getting swindled, and a drop in indie revenue from Author Earnings. This week’s Question of the Week: Why do you think indie authors experienced a decrease in the latest Author Earnings report?

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After sharing the results of the first ever SMBS Presidential Election, Jim and Bryan took on the latest in book marketing news. Tips included solidifying your successful author mindset, the importance of focus during your writing time, and which type of marketing works best. Following their honoring of recent patrons Ethan Jones (and his book The Secret Blush ), Chris Syme (and her book SMART Social Media For Authors ), and Geoff North (and his book Thawed: CRYERS http:// ), they touched on news stories related to Ellora’s Cave, publishing submission fees, Amazon Prime Reading, KDP page read errors, and KDP Print paperbacks. This week’s Question of the Week is: Will you stick with CreateSpace or test out KDP Print and why? Also, who would you like to be SMBS President?

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With the news being a negative nelly, Jim brought the positive in the latest episode of the Sell More Books Show. After tackling tips on selling dozens of books at a time, optimizing BookBub Ad campaigns, and taking part in Amazon’s indie author celebration, the two triple-threats thanked their patrons Michael Alan Peck (and his book The Journeyman ), Susan Illene (and her book Stalked by Flames ) and Brecht Ryckaert (and his book WordPress Security 101: ). News stories included Amazon’s Disney subscription, Facebook’s Marketplace, a new scammer, a trad pub author turned indie, Facebook video stat reporting errors, and Kindle Unlimited reporting errors. This week’s Question of the Week: Will Amazon’s error in reporting KU pages read impact your decision to put your books in KU? Why or why not? Also, who gets your vote for Sell More Books Show President? Jim? Bryan? Or a third-party candidate (a listener)?

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