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Live from Opal Divine’s Penn Field in Austin, Texas, Jim and Bryan piggybacked off the Smarter Artist Summit this week to bring you their first ever live show. In front of a raucous crowd, the happiest of hosts thanked their latest patron (Emma Alisyn and her book Character Sketch & Color ) before launching into a trio of tips about Isaac Asimov’s writing habits, Instagram ads vs. Twitter ads, and an interesting cover art tactic. The news stories included the need to say no to some free promotion gigs, how Fifty Shades of Grey has failed the long tail, a successful book bundling website, how consumers have the choice on what and how they buy, and writing to market vs. writing to multiple markets. This week’s Question of the Week: Which should you do: write to market or write to multiple markets at once and why?

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With one week to go until their live show in Austin, Jim and Bryan tackled the latest publishing tips and news on the web. Jim has created a new SMBS coloring book! Also, Bryan's course is available again through Monday ( ). After thanking their latest patrons, Victoria Danann (and her book Carnal - ) and Caro Bégin (and the book Twisting Fate - ), the indie pundits discussed weird in-person marketing tactics, anti-procrastination apps, and six ways to ruin your book marketing. News stories included OverDrive ebooks in elementary schools, James Patterson’s master plan, reader data analytics, one novelist’s opinion about self-publishing, how big indies are making their own imprints, and Audible’s new Clips feature. This week’s Question of the Week: How will you use Audible’s Clips feature to promote your audiobooks?

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A front matter firestorm erupted this week in the indie author community, and Jim and Bryan are here to shine some light on it. After thanking their latest patron (W.C. Hoffman and his book Twins of Prey ), they took on a trio of tips about networking, extroverting, and finding beta readers. News stories included the sins and virtues of email marketing, takeaways from Digital Book World, Data Guy’s first public appearance, Kindle Unlimited scam artists, and Amazon’s knee jerk Terms of Service change. This week’s Question of the Week: What’s your take on back matter Tables of Contents needing to change and how will this impact you? Will you need to reformat your books?

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It’s Self-Publishing 101 in Jim and Bryan’s 101st episode. After thanking Michael La Ronn and his Author Level Up YouTube channel ( ), the princes of publishing took on tips about digital Amazon giveaways, cover art, and increasing your revenue. News stories included Amazon’s 2nd physical store, the age of most Kobo readers, publishing’s need for dynamic change, the top subcategories on Amazon, used ebooks, and Nook’s closure of its UK store. This week’s Question of the Week: How will the closure of Nook’s UK store impact your author business? Do you plan on continuing to publish to the Nook US store?

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We’ve hit triple digits! Bryan and Jim celebrated how they always do: by tackling the top news and tips of the week. After thanking their patron Jeff Adams (and his Hat Trick Series ) they chatted Facebook, a killer editing combo, and a time-tested promotional strategy. News stories included scamming the bestseller list, Kobo’s POD service, what financially successful authors have in common, the closure of Samhain Publishing, the Bookseller/Author Solutions controversy, and DBW’s interview with Data Guy. This week’s Question of the Week: Do you think the Bookseller stepped over the line of journalism with their Author Solutions interview or can they publish whatever they want? 

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