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With Jim's 24 Hours of Free Author Marketing Club promo and Bryan's crazy few weeks, there was a lot to discuss. After thanking their patrons, The Outline Book, Removed, and A Curse upon the Saints, the warriors of indie writing discussed networking, book cover redesigns, and Kindle Unlimited promos. News stories included Medium's subscription service, Amazon's review word cloud tool, Wattpad's new Raccoon app, the Handbook for Mortals New York Times scandal, and Nook's recent uneven bans on erotica authors. This week's Question of the Week: Given the release of Wattpad's Raccoon video app, do you think video storytelling will ever become a part of your author business? Why or why not?

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We've reached 500,000 downloads, and we couldn't have done it without you! This week, Jim and Bryan discussed tips on ad copywriting, indie author mistakes, and writing by hand. After thanking their patrons Peaks of Passion, Where the Leaves Wither, and The Last Days Begin, the Walter Cronkites of self-publishing took on the latest news stories, including Australia's trad pub matchmaker site, Smashwords Special Deals, Nook First Look, KU's drop in per page payout, and the Dominion Rising's exclusion from the New York Times Bestseller List. This week's Question of the Week: Why do some authors spend time getting angry about fellow indies attempting to get on bestseller lists when they could instead learn from the marketing successes of box sets like Dominion Rising?

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Director of Content Abigail Dunard visited the show this week to talk tips and news with Jim. After thanking their patrons, We Own the Sky, Kick Author Overwhelm to the Curb, and The Newbie's Guide to Sell More Books with Less Marketing, Jim and Abigail discussed tips on major marketing campaigns, six-figure steps, and reader on-boarding. News stories included Amazon's new shipping policy, Hallmark Publishing, IndiePicks, and a contentious campaign fighting a popular YA book. This week's Question of the Week: Is it fair for readers to leave customer reviews en masse if they haven't yet read the book? How can publishers and retailers avoid situations like this in the future?

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Thank you, listeners, for helping us reach this landmark episode! This week, Jim and Bryan talked tips about scheduling social media, adopting habits of successful authors, and evolving with your readers. After thanking their patrons The Commons: Book 1, Time Code, and Stalked by Flames, the publishing pair discussed using Overdrive through Draft2Digital, refining your Amazon Ads, WattPad's Tap app, virtual and augmented reality, and whale readers. This week's Question of the Week: Which is going to hit big first and why: texting-based stories or stories with augmented or virtual reality?

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20Books Vegas head honcho Craig Martelle visited the show to talk tips and news with Bryan this week! After thanking their patrons Cold War: Alien Incursion, Shades of Treason, and Angelborn, Bryan and Craig talked tips about productivity, strong habits, and conquering BookBub Featured Deals. News stories included a Goodreads competitor, new ebook taxes in Australia and India, Kobo's preview conversion feature, KENPC version 3.0, and steps to take to become a six-figure author. This week's Question of the Week: As a reader, what makes you put down a book in the first 10%? Conversely, what makes you keep reading and read on to future books in the series?

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