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Get out your crystal balls: will people be listening to or reading books more in 5 years? Jim and Bryan are back with another dose of the latest news and tips in the publishing world. First up, they take a moment to thank their generous patrons: A Turn for the Worse, How to Become a Productivity Guru, and COLD WAR: Alien Incursion. This week’s tips include how writers can breathe new life into their outreach efforts, creating audiobooks, and expanding their international reach. In news: StreetLib expands its global reach, some traditionally published authors are joining together to self-publish short stories, the Washington Post is updates its bestseller list, Audible wins the rights to Shaun White’s memoir, and why authors should ignore naysayers and publish on their own terms. Question of the Week: What's going to be bigger in five years: audiobooks or ebooks? And why?

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