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To feed the trolls or not feed the trolls, that is the question. Bryan and Jim are back with the latest in publishing. First, they took a moment to thank their patrons: We Own the Sky, Faster Than Falling, and Leaving Eva. This week’s tips include how to reach more readers by building and organizing your email list, building brand recognition with an author logo, and expanding your social media reach with Grabbr. In news: Amazon partners with Susan G. Komen to fight breast cancer, new Amazon updates could give authors a sneak peak into the future of AMS, how to bring your storytelling to social media, why you should diversify your income, Draft2Digital's big plans to boost discoverability, and why authors may not want to be afraid to stand for what they believe in. Question of the Week: Should you avoid feeding the trolls and keep your career's status quo or is it better to feed the trolls for a chance at growing your business (with a chance of taking a hit as well)? And why?

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