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Do you have to write nonfiction to make it as an author? Is nonfiction a more steady earner? Bryan and Jim are both a little under the weather but the excitement of the upcoming Summit in Chicago fuels them on! They first thanked their generous patrons - Mayhem & Murder, Cubicle Jail to Laptop Lifestyle, and Where The Leaves Wither. Next the guys jump into some useful weekly tips, including how to cut editing costs, how making friends with the competition can payoff, and choosing the best price point for your next promo! This week in news hear the winning story of an unlikely writing team, find out how breaking the rules seems to work, discover the growing power of indie authors in the Author Support Network, learn more about modern-day pirates and their affect on indie authors, and get the details on why trad publishers are putting their bucks behind nonfiction. Question of the Week: Do you think nonfiction is a more reliable (slow and steady) earner than fiction? If you write fiction, have you considered writing nonfiction to supplement your income?

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