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This week Claire is joined by author Lindsey Pogue. We will link her website in the show notes as well as Claire’s mega sale. Leave us a review on Apple Podcast and answer the Question of the Week in the comment section. The winner this week is Elle Clouse. Top Tips of the week include how to get others to blurb your book, what a QR code can do for your books, and why its important to embrace marketing as an author. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include where to get great writing craft training for free, why Disney needs a wake up call from the author community, how B&N is making a comeback, how Audible is expanding and why Trad Pub will be suffering from a print book slow down this holiday season. Question of the Week: If you’re an Audible Plus subscriber, what do you think of the service, and what opportunities do you see for authors who put their books into it?

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