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What is one non-writing task that you could spend just one hour a day on for the next week, that could have the most impact on your publishing career? Bryan's Amazon Ad School Course just concluded and he had an awesome turnout! H. Claire Taylor wanted to remind everyone that she has some free recourses on tips for writing and marketing as well as coming up with author strategy available on her website so make sure to check those out. This week’s Super Charger Story Course Winner is Dave Core. Thank you to our featured Patrons - The Silent Marriage: How Passive Aggression Steals Your Happiness, The Avant Champion: Rising, and Rebel Song. The Top Tips of the week include where you can find a free guide with advice tailored to authors of every level, how really knowing your genre well can help in writing to market, and why setting up your writing space ahead of time is setting you up to conquer new challenges. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include could Google Books really be opening up or are they pulling our leg, who is making the decision to stop paying royalties for books downloaded with a promo code, what author John Van Stry did because he felt it would help the author community, why we should continue to keep distributing to Barnes & Noble and keep some faith in them, and what cozy mystery author C.S. Woolley is claiming to be worth the time investment for the results she is seeing and will continue to see. Question of the Week: What non-writing task that you spend just one hour a day on for the next week would have the most impact on your publishing career?

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