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What would you want your readers to expect from you? Bryan is finally taking a rest day! Claire’s party is this week! This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Garett Robinson. Thank you to our featured Patrons: Dad's Girls, The Outline Book, and Cubicle Jail to Laptop Lifestyle. The Top Tips of the week include how to recover from a failed book launch, how you can still make a living in indie, and what you need to be productive. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include what the Macmillan boycott has done to the bottom line, why you may want to get into self-help books, what procrastination may actually mean, how author Steff Green earned $200k, and what is changing with Penguin Random House. Question of the Week: In your ideal world, what would your readers' expectations be about what you write, how often you release it, what you price it, and how often you get in contact with them?

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