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Bryan and Jim headed deep into autumn with their latest episode on Amazon's Fiverr reviews lawsuit, building giant email lists, and a comparison between indie and trad pub income. After thanking their wonderful Patrons for the week, Jennifer Evans Kochalka's Grand Theft Auto and Other Misdemeanors ( ), Tara Ross' Cubicle Jail to Laptop Lifestyle ( ), and Mark Cooper's Merkiaari Wars Box Set ( ), the stalwarts of self-publishing news took on a trio of tips about word count, writing productivity, and getting more reviews. 
The news stories included million-reader email lists, indie author advice from the CEO of Hachette, Google book scanning project, Sela Lyons' indie success, and Amazon's lawsuit against Fiverr book reviewers. This week's Question of the Week: How do you get your book reviews? What are some ways you might use to gather more?
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