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This week we have a great show in store for you. Leave us a review on Apple Podcast and answer the Question of the Week in the comment section. Last call: Claire’s Reclaim Your Author Career Coaching is open. Go to to enroll before it closes. Top Tips of the week include relieving the pressure of being an author, riding the algorithms to sell more books, and how to survive your first 1-star review. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include how Amazon is letting sellers 'talk' to customers, the way to securely deliver ARC copies that can't be pirated, the solution to Apple's demands, the mystery behind a mysterious new movie, based on a mysterious new book, and from an even more mysterious author, and that books are getting smaller, and maybe that's ok. Question of the Week: What do you think (or want to believe) is behind the mystery of author Ellie Conway? #whereisellieconway

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