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Welcome to another week of SMBS! Claire tells us about a 5-Star Power Endings Masterclass that she is holding next month. Bryan is also holding a Webinar on Thursday, February 25th with Alana Terry on Facebook Ads. Make sure to check them out at the links provided. Our Self Publishing Resource of the Week is - BkLnk. The winner this week is - Amy Martinse. Top Tips of the week include where to start with custom ads, what calculators you need to know about, and why it is helpful to know your ideal reader. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include what you need to know about the new platform called Clubhouse, why Amazon has some explaining to do, where you can now stream Audible audiobooks, how Six Figure Author Lindsay Buroker is selling her audiobooks, and how to balance your mental health and social media. Question of the Week: If you could have a magical calculator that could import data from any variables, what would you want it to calculate for you?

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