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This week Claire is joined by Indie Author and editor Julie Strauss. We have a great show in store for you! This week’s winner is Dave Core. Thank you to our featured Patrons - Level Up, 60 Second Tarot, and The Tilt. Top Tips of the week include when to consider pre-orders, what you need to know about building a book launch team, and what time-saving apps you need. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include what Barnes & Noble is doing, why BookExpo is coming to an end, why there is a new petition against Amazon, what a new survey is saying about authors income, and why Google is making a leap into machine-generated audiobooks. Question of the Week: Regarding Amazon’s decision not to make its imprints available in libraries, do you see this as a sensible decision, a big missed opportunity, a money grab, or something else? 

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