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We all have mental blocks, what are some that are holding you back from your upcoming projects and why are they having that effect? This week we have lots of great tips to share with you! Bryan’s Free 5-Day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge starts July 13th so make sure to check it out and H. Claire Taylor just released her last Jessica Christ book! This week’s Super Charger Story Course Winner is Kenesha W. Thank you to our featured Patrons - Sell More Books With Less Social Media, Nightblade, and Leaving Eva. The Top Tips of the week include what getting reviews on your book can do for you, why authors are upset with Lulu, and why a book launch includes marathons, sprints, and pounces. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include who has managed to become the fifth largest bookstore chain in the US, why Walmart pulled Kobo reader displays from it’s stores, how Ingram is keeping up with the surge of print-on-demand books, what advice Kristine Kathryn Rusch has for traditional authors, and how to keep up with everything you need to do as an author. Question of the Week: What mental blocks do you think are holding you back from your upcoming projects and why do you think they're having that affect?

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