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Do you think ads for your English-version books will appeal to Amazon’s German market? Bryan and Jim are enjoying the great weather. Bryan is planning another Amazon Ads Challenge for January—stay tuned! Jim’s co-author fiction project is really taking shape and he's already making plans to turn it into a film. Call for Success Stories! Submit via email or in the comments. This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Gisele LeBlanc. Thank you to our featured Patrons: Leading Effectively, The Life of Magdaline Slatewood, and Cowgirl, Unexpectedly. The Top Tips of the week include How a first line generator can jumpstart your creativity, why your book description should be scan friendly, and how often should you be sending a newsletter and what should be in it. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include why the Audible request for a referral in their settlement suit was denied, why HarperCollins started to put backlist titles on Kindle Unlimited in Australia and the UK, how shortening your completion date can be more productive, how you can get audiobooks uploaded directly to Kobo Writing Life, and why foreign advertising can help you promote your books. Question of the Week: Do you plan on using Amazon Ads in the German market and do you think they'll be successful for books in English?

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