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When you examine your author career, how do you define success? Bryan is taking a mental health break this week and Jim welcomes his co-hosts J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon. Jim thanks our Featured Patrons: Rebel Song, Triumviratus, and Level Up. This week’s Happy Book Review Winner is Tory Element. The Top Tips include why Amazon Web Services could be your next email newsletter service, how meditation can help you access creative energy, and how to view your marketing strategy as a marathon—not a sprint. The News stories that matter most to indie authors this week are how an Australian author kept the royalties she deserved, what are YouTube Stories and how can you use them, what Matt Staggs did to hit his first $500 dollar month, why author self-education is such a critical piece of the success puzzle, and congratulations to indie author and podcaster Mark Dawson on realizing the million dollar dream. Question of the Week: What's your definition of success as an author? Is it a dollar amount per month? Is it 500 reviews? The only answer you can't give is “when a reader enjoys my book.”

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