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If Amazon is willing to ditch long-string categories, what else do you think they will jettison? Jim welcomes Bryan back from his West Coast mastermind retreat. The guys celebrate their 700,000th podcast download. This week’s Happy Book Review feature winner is David Mark Brown. Bryan thanks the featured patrons God and Gigs, Star Flame, and Peppermint Mocha Murder. The top Tips this week include how to successfully schedule the habit of writing, how stats can help you master paid advertising, and why author endorsements might not be out of your reach. Here are the News stories you won’t want to miss: How the subscription model of book sales is flourishing in Sweden, why the Wonky Donkey kicked Fear from the top spot, which tips Craig Zerf followed to double his income in August, Dave Chesson explains what is happening with Amazon categories, and how going wide helped J.D. Brown gain a big boost for a backlist series. Question of the Week: Amazon may be getting rid of longer category strings on your sales pages. What do you think is the next big change Amazon will put into practice?

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