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Is going to start publishing all your stuff? Do you have a nickname for guest host Craig Martelle? Bryan is on vacation and Jim has the pleasure of guest hosting with prolific sci-fi writer Craig Martelle. Jim and Craig discuss the 20Booksto50K Facebook group that Craig manages, a group that recently hit 25,000 members and adds about 50 new members per day. Jim thanks all the show Patrons which can be viewed at Your Top Tips this week include why you shouldn’t overdo the “show don’t tell,” how Facebook is improving you ability to interact in groups, why Story Origin could help improve your also-boughts. The news stories that you definitely need to hear this week are why the French don’t approve of indie pubbing, how Rachel Medhurst moved her sales without a rapid-release strategy, who’s been taking bribes to make negative Amazon reviews disappear, how Michelle Lancaster found success in writing pulp fiction, and how’s new TOS may be driving user to jump ship. Question of the week: Was the legal wording put in at just legal mumbo-jumbo, or was it really put in so they could do things with your content? Sub-question: What is Craig Martelle's SMBS show name? Crazy Craig Martelle? We need something better than that!

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