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What is a promotional technique you’ve used in the past that you're willing to give a second shot? Bryan and Jim talk about the importance of family time. This week’s Happy Book Reviews feature winner is StoryHack. Bryan thanks our Featured Patrons How to Drive Your Next Car Deal, A Christmas Gift, and The Last Verdict. Some great self-publishing tips include why frugality and creativity are a winning combination, how to make the most of squeeze pages, and which Gmail hacks can save you time. We have an Honorable Mention news story this week delving into the recent Mailerlite maelstrom. The Top Five news stories you need to know include why trad pub authors are taking a hit, how authors can take advantage of Amazon’s new video feature, a fantastic success story from Victoria Bright, which authors are the latest victims of Amazon’s Terms of Service crackdown, and why giving away free books can still lead to great sell-through royalties. Question of the Week: What's a promotional method you've tried in the past that didn't work that you'd consider giving your full effort on here in the present?

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