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Will you actually take action on the information you gather from free info, books, or webinars or do you need to pay for training to make it a priority? Jim is back from vacation and he is having great success with his new clients on Bryan has an informative Amazon Ads webinar coming up tomorrow - don’t miss out! The Happy Book Reviews winner this week is Steeven Orr. Bryan takes a moment to thank the featured Patrons Unfrozen, 31 Days of Wisdom: A Daily Devotional for Christ-Followers, and 5 Numbers of Destiny: Change your Fate. This weeks most helpful tips include a great financial tool for your author business, why it’s so important to ask your readers what they want, and how crowdfunding creativity may be the key to your success. The five news stories that rose to the top this week are which books are trending on Barnes and Noble, what ever happened to cockygate, why writing to market and rapid release are still successful strategies, how large-print editions and audiobooks can provide additional income, and author Rob Peecher’s inspiring success story. Question of the Week: Are you the kind of learner who needs to take a paid course for accountability or can you take free or cheap info from a video or a book and use those resources to put the info into action?

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