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Are you taking steps to get more legitimate reviews on Amazon? Jim is back from fishing and he and Bryan both have great sales this week there’s the Happy Book Reviews summer deal from the Author Marketing Club. And it is the LAST day on Bryan’s book descriptions sale. The guys offer up a big thank you to this week’s Patrons - The Awakening, Carnal, and Twisting Fate. Also, Leo Petracci joins the fellas for their first lab segment in ages! There are three Hot Tips in this week’s show including when to relaunch a lagging series, how authors can rebuild their creativity by unlearning what they know, and what makes a successful cross-promotion. This week the five stories that made the news are why indie romance authors are finally getting a say in the UK, what prompted Amazon to crack down on serial returners, which tale of eBook woes and wins holds true, how to get out of Audible Romance, and who gets to review and who has limitations. Question of the Week: Were your books impacted by last week's purge of Amazon reviews? What will you do to ensure you continue to get more legitimate reviews in the future?

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