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Are you prepared to handle something like having your KDP account suspended? Jim and Bryan discuss the fabulous feedback from the Summit and Bryan offers a Book Description coupon to give folks a chance to get in at the lower price before the increase at the end of the month. Jim shares an update on his journey into the fiction world. The guys offer up a big thanks to the Patrons - Prometheus, The Dragon Rustler, and Monkey Justice. This week's “must try” tips include Rachael Herron’s approach to streamlining revisions by keeping theme in mind, how authors can create one thousand true fans, and why offering a prequel novella may be the best way to draw readers into your series. This weeks top five news items will show you how you stack up with your social media marketing efforts, what benefits can be earned through a flagship series, why novelists face a different dilemma from their nonfiction counterparts, who is rebelling against the latest trademark-gate, and which authors are feeling the heat from Amazon’s scam filters. Question of the Week: What would you do if your KDP account was suspended? How would you protect your account in the future?

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