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Will the teaming up of Kobo and Walmart be a dream for authors? On the momentous occasion of their 200th show, Jim and Bryan kick off the fun with a special thanks to their patrons The Darby Shaw Chronicles box set, God and Gigs: Succeed as a Musician Without Sacrificing Your Faith, and Star Flame: A Story from the Meclauks Kingdom. Helpful tips this week include how authors can maximize sales with an eye-catching title, jumpstarting your promotions, and improving Kobo sales. In news, recently launched Bookstat could be headed for some legal trouble, Barnes & Noble has changed the name of Nook Press and made a few other tweaks to their set-pub platform, why writers should be on the lookout for Author Solutions clones, speculation on Apple's latest move and what it will mean, and Walmart and Kobo announces a new partnership. Question of the Week: What's your first reaction to Kobo and Walmart teaming up? Do you think you'll sell more books on Kobo as a result of the partnership? Why or why not?

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