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With Amazon’s recent rank stripping, should authors focus on a slow and steady promo effort rather than starting off with a bang? After thanking their patrons Guerrilla Tactics Against Passive Aggression in the WorkPlace, 31 Days of Wisdom, and Wanderer's Escape, the dynamic duo of Jim and Bryan jump into tips about authors not feeling like imposters, keeping motivated during NaNoWriMo, and adjusting MailChimp settings. New items featured John Grisham’s biggest financial mistake, reading easier on mobile phones, Amazon cracking down on rank manipulation, Twitter locking authors out of their accounts, and why pirated books may not be as harmless as some think. Question of the Week: Given Amazon's recent rank stripping of promoted books, do you think you'll do fewer launch-style promotions and go for the slow and steady approach? Why or why not?

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