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Bryan and Jim absolutely brought it on an episode featuring a survey of six-figure authors and discussions about Whispersync and the new KDP Dashboard (hint: Jim doesn’t like it). After thanking their patrons Sanyare: The Rebel Apprentice, The Thing Speaks for Itself, and Dark as the Grave, the sommeliers of self-publishing took on tips about BookBub pre-order announcements, Goodreads email notifications, and keyword research. Top stories included Penguin getting into merchandise, BookFunnel getting into bundles, the new KDP Dashboard, Amazon increasing Whispersync prices, and the six-figure author survey from Written Word Media. This week’s Question of the Week: When you see that six-figure authors have an average of 30 books written, does that motivate you or discourage you? What do you think you would have to do to get that many books on your backlist?

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