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This week we are joined by Jonathan Yanez! He is an author and publisher by day, screenwriter and producer by night. Bryan’s Kickstarter ends this Thursday! You can find all the links for this weeks episode in the show notes. Leave us a review on Apple Podcast and answer the Question of the Week in the comment section. The winner this week is Michael Thies. Top Tips of the week include how to build your author platform, what you need to know if you’re publishing a holiday novel, and what the benefits are to creating a Large Print Edition of your book. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include what is coming to a library near you, why you should give your two-year old backlist a second chance, what new Apple TV+ series features publishing success stories, how to navigate BookTok and what to do to reignite your fire as an author. Question of the Week: What motivates you to get the words on the page?

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