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This week we have author Monica Leonelle on the show! She also teaches writing, publishing, business, and marketing. Claire still has some seats available for her last Indie Author Alignment Workshop on April 24th. You can check them both out at the links provided. The winner this week is - Betsy Flak. Top Tips of the week include why it may be time for you to dive into Tik Tok, what aggregator is best, and how to support your favorite authors without having to spend money. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include what your sleep schedule says about you, who is the new cover design resource that just launched, what new changes are coming to Barnes and Noble, where you can track all your sales in one place, and what is Kindle Vella. Question of the Week: Are you planning on trying out Kindle Vella, and if so how are you planning on using it for your catalog?

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