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This week we have a loaded show and we really dive into email. Claire is holding a 5-Star Power Endings Masterclass this month and Bryan is doing a Blurb & Sales Page Webinar on Thursday March 11th. Make sure to check them out at the links provided. The winner this week is - Jamie Collins. Our Honorable Mention this week is - Have fun storming the castle! Top Tips of the week include how to get started on your book cover, what Gmail hacks you need to know, and how to understand the Amazon algorithm.The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include what is the alternative for Amazon’s ACX, how to work on your multitasking, what guide you need for publishing wide, how Author and YouTuber Dale Roberts revamped Thomas A. Bradley’s entire horror catalog, and whats going on with Amazon. Question of the Week: If there was a person with a list of all the relevant PR contacts, do you think you would prioritize 

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