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Welcome to another week of SMBS! Claire is holding a 5-Star Power Endings Masterclass this month and Bryan is doing a BookBub webinar the day this episode goes live on March 3rd. Make sure to check them out at the links provided. Our Self Publishing Resource of the Week is - DIY Book Covers. The winner this week is - Sylvester Barzey. Top Tips of the week include how to make your co-writing process smoother, what you can do to catch a readers attention, and how to avoid libel charges. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include how to have a clear content strategy, how Overdrive is making it easier to know your competition, what is Atticus, why making a fake commute may be just what you need, and how to tell if a book is a “Amateur Self-Published Book”. Question of the Week: What stop and start habits do you currently have to transition in and out of writing & marketing mode, and which ones might you adopt to strengthen that transition?

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