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There is some great words of wisdom at the end of the show so be sure to listen till the end! Claire is holding a Enneagram & Character Motivations Masterclass and you have a chance to win a free ticket on her Instagram page. Bryan is also holding a Hook & Email Webinar. Make sure to check them out at the links provided. This week’s winner is Steve Moretti. Self Publishing Resource of the Week is - An Author’s Guide to Working with Libraries and Bookstores by Mark Leslie Lefebvre. This weeks honorable mention is Our Little Thorn is Growing Up. Top Tips of the week include what hidden features are on BookBub, how to get more engagement on author blog posts, and why having a strong brand can make all the difference. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include why you should consider going the indie route, how to build an author email list, and what way books are evolving, how you could get 10% bonus on your March royalty statement, and why you need to develop thick skin as an author. Question of the Week: When you receive criticism, how will you field it and how will you rebound to keep writing?

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