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This week Bryan and Claire are gearing up for a webinar they have on Thursday November
12th. Be sure to leave the show a review on Apple Podcast. This week’s winner is Lars Hedbor.
This weeks Honorable Mention is Trad Surge. Thank you to our featured Patrons - Spiritual
Conduct for Leadership: Servanthood, The Hunted, and "What Am I?": A Collection of
Traditional Word Riddles. Top Tips of the week include how you can use the upcoming holidays
to get eyes on your book, what to do to get your posts to preform well, and why or why not
social media might be for you. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include
what three things to consider for a relaunch, why you should have your books in every format,
how marketing and selling is a key factor to author success, what is stopping your book from
selling, and how to utilize your Amazon Smart Speaker. Question of the Week: How do you
think Echo devices will sort and provide information on book recommendations? Will they take
into consideration keywords, categories, overheard conversations, or something else?

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