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This week Bryan is joined by Patrick O’Donnell’s and Jim Kukral! Bryan has a Book Description webinar this Thursday on the 5 mistakes authors most commonly make with their book descriptions, be sure to check that out. Check out Patrick’s website at the link provided. This week’s Super Charger Story Course Winner is Lisa M. Lilly. Thank you to our featured Patrons - Email Lists Made Easy for Writers and Bloggers, Kiss Kill, and The Sell Smarter Collection. Top Tips of the week include what to know about Kindle Daily Deals, how to find the perfect audiobook reader for you, and what Dave Chesson is sharing about Amazon categories. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include how much writers can work and still be considered freelance, who is interested in buying Simon & Schuster, why Amazon’s Audible Escape subscription service is being discontinued, why 20BooksTo50K indie conference is being cancelled, and what strategies you can learn to keep yourself sane as an author. Question of the Week: What are you going to do to connect with the people that you want to connect with this year via the internet since there are no in person events?

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