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The last calendar year has been filled with many different events, say you could create a subgenre based on a specific one, what would it be?  Bryan has a Sell More Books Forever Webinar this Thursday so be sure to check it out and H. Claire Taylor has a pre-order up for a new pen name! This week’s Super Charger Story Course Winner is S. A. Schneider. Thank you to our featured Patrons - Where The Leaves Wither, The Three Story Method: Foundations of Fiction, and 5 Numbers of Destiny. The Top Tips of the week include why calculating math might be worth it for your read-through rates, how your not so happy ending books can partake in the hottest new literary genre, and why to start thinking about copywriting. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include how to make your non-writing tasks a bit easier, what is causing the Big 5 to possibly turn Big 4, why you should consider alternate plans when it comes to the London Book Fair, how tweaking and relaunching ‘failed’ books may start to earn you some money, and how Indie author M.R. Mathias went from being in a Texas prison to writing dozens of books that have totaled over $1 million through amazon book sales. Question of the Week: If you could create your own subgenre based on events of the last calendar year, what would it be?

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