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What does the year 2039 look like for the publishing world? Episode 300 is so close! Bryan’s new hint for the new cohost is that she is obsessed with ghost adventures. Two more weeks with Jim! Be on the lookout Bryan has a new Amazon Ad Challenge coming up in January. This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Guillaume Sauvé. Thank you to our featured Patrons: Get it Done, How to Pick Up Women with a Drunk Space Ninja, and Leah’s Choice. The Top Tips of the week include what your last minute gift can be, how you can revisit this years 20books event, and Smashwords' new feature. An honorable mention goes to why the Big 5 may be changing. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include how podcasts are going to change, why 2039 may be the year with no books, how libraries are bringing the people back, why your upticks may actually be old, and How Kobo is changing and growing. Question of the Week: Do you think paper books will be dead by the year 2039? Why or why not?

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