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Your first big success, what do you remember? Episode 300 is so close! Bryan is back home in Pennsylvania with family for Thanksgiving. Jim has five episodes left, but the Sell More Books Show will continue. Jim explains how to catch a turkey! Bryan is having a Black Friday Sale! Tickets are still available for Self-Publishing Live 2020. This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Thomas J. Sullivant. Thank you to our featured Patrons: Nolan Walker And The Superiors Squad, Sales Success Stories, and How to Self-Publish A Children's Book. The Top Tips of the week include how to publish your book in audio, what you need to do on reading days, and how reviews may be cheaper. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include what the most recent YA scandal is, how amazon is updating again, how to increase you read-through, what the pros of traditional publishing are, and what novelist Rob Billiau is doing right. Question of the Week: What do you remember about the first time… you sold more books than you expected?

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