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What publishing hacks do you wanna bring back? Episode 300 is so close! Jim’s webinar is later today at 2PM CST. Show up and learn the ropes! Bryan will officially be doing an Author conference in Chicago coming up next year! This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Justin Salisbury. Thank you to our featured Patrons: A Turn for the Worse, Leaving Eva, and God and Gigs. The Top Tips of the week include How to write you book (outline) in three simple steps, what new ways you can advertise on Amazon, and why content marketing might change how you advertise. Honorable Mention this week goes to why Draft2Digital cancelled the Play Store. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include how California’s new bill may not be as good as it sounds, why Amazon is cracking down on scammers, what different ways you can be successful as a full time author, how more books can mean more money, and why a series may be the way to your reader’s heart. Question of the Week: What self-publishing tactic that worked back in 2015-2017 would you love to bring back and try here in 2019?

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