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In five years, where will the publishing industry be? Episode 300 is so close! Jim and Bryan will not be going to Australia for the 300th show. Bryan has a webinar next week for making sure you don’t skip steps in your self-publishing journey. Jim will be holding a webinar on how to become a professional paid speaker - link next week. This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Jennifer Kelly. Thank you to our featured Patrons: Strings of Subversion, Dorothy and the Cane of Destiny, and Fighting to Survive. The Top Tips of the week include How you can avoid taxation through Amazon, why your readers may be missing your books, and why your website could be the reason your losing readers. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include what new ways Amazon is helping readers with prime, why Amazon’s CEO should break up the company before it breaks him, why indie novel sales are on the rise according to Bowker, what advice author Caitlin White can give, and what changes have happened and whats to come in the publishing world. Question of the Week: What's the most obvious prediction you can make about the publishing industry coming up in the next five years?

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