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Video or audio, do you have a preferred way of getting content? Episode 300 is so close! Were going to start releases on video now as well! Jim will be hosting a webinar on becoming a public speaker, Bryan is excited about 20BooksVegas and he will do a Meetup Pizza Party by the pool. This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Roland Denzel. Thank you to our featured Patrons: Kiss Kill, A Dragon among the Eagles, and Stone Cold. The Top Tips of the week include how Sandra Beckwith helps authors turn reviews into more sales, why Facebook may be a way to reach more readers, and why your seven keywords may need to be upgraded. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include how publishers create a gray area for plagiarism, why Audiobook is changing how you market, how K-Lytics will help you decide if you need to write a Christmas novel, why author Nick Thacker was finally able to quit his day job, and which sites vaporized due to Facebook's false information and how they tried to make up for it. Question of the Week: Now that the show will be available in video, do you think you'll keep listening in audio or consume the podcast in its video format? Also, what is the giant trophy for on Bryan's bookshelf?

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