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How much is too much when you share personal info with readers? Episode 300 is coming! Jim is off this week and Bryan’s cohost is the brilliant Becca Syme. Bryan is recovering from a concussion and he’s also got a big Amazon Ads promo going on. This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Tom. Thank you to our featured Patrons: Guardian of the Grail, The Thing Speaks for Itself, and Dark as the Grave. The Top Tips of the week include how to avoid social media FOMO, why beta readers are so valuable and how just one in-person event per year can benefit all types of writers. We have an Honorable Mention story this week about the amazing Keanu Reeves and his foray into the small press world. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include how to workaround Vellum’s “no more .mobi” announcement, how author Jack Knight reached $1k in monthly sales with only two books, why author Julia Watts has been disinvited from a teen literary festival, how author Tamie Dearer reached $10k per month after 19 books, and where the line might be between connecting with readers and over-sharing. Question of the Week: If you were to become the bestselling author in your genre tomorrow, would you be nervous about the amount of personal information you've shared with your fans? Why or why not?

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