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If Amazon relinquished its publishing of indie Authors what would you do to maintain readers? How would it effect customers that have ereaders? Bryan and Jim are counting down to show #300! Bryan and Jim discuss avoiding Google newsfeed while receiving words of wisdom. This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Rosanne. Thank you to our featured Patrons: The Last Days, Gone, and Covermint Design. The Top Tips of the week include why Findaway Voices can help authors set prices and branch across multiple selling platforms, how an ebook scam to take your book to “Hollywood” can cost you a fortune, and the true importance of a book cover. We have an Honorable Mention story this week and it seems that Audible will not use their captioning technologies on audiobooks where publishers have filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include where to tap into new social media marketplaces for your ads, a lawsuit for copyright infringement on the common term “tamer,” How Amazon Prime has brought various consumers to indie authors out of self-interest, Eric Warren’s first series flop has motivated his second collection’s success, and how over one billion dollars has been paid out to the authors of Kindle Unlimited. Question of the Week: What would ebook customers do if Amazon decided to drop publishing indie authors tomorrow? What would you do as an author?

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