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What’s the "sweet spot" number of rewrites before a blurb is ready to post on a retailer sales page? Jim welcomes Bryan back to the studio. Bryan reports on the benefits of being completely disconnected from the internet for three days. The Sell More Books Show Summit is officially SOLD OUT! The winner of Clark Chamberlain’s outline service is Chad Boyer. The Happy Book Reviews winner this week is Mary Hamilton. Bryan thanks this week’s featured Patrons: How to Become a Productivity Guru, The Darby Shaw Chronicles Box Set, and Mayhem and Murder. Jim mentions Honoree Corder’s new course - You Must Write a Book. The Hot Tips this week include why word-of-mouth marketing is essential in 2019, how to find the focus you need to increase productivity, and which unprofitable niches you’ll want to avoid. The News stories that matter most to indie authors are what new tricks is Barnes & Noble up to, how to increase royalty earnings on Apple audiobooks, Erin St. Charles repacking success story, how great blurbs help Svetlana Melyan relaunch her YA paranormal series, and why ads are now a do or die for authors. Question of the Week: How many rewrites do you usually do of your book descriptions before you post them to the e-retailers? Are you usually pretty happy with them when they're finished?

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