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If a genie could grant you one of the following, which would you want: Amazon Charts ranking, New York Times bestseller ranking, or 1,000 reviews on the book of your choice? Bryan encourages everyone to listen to the Self-Publishing Decisions Webinar Replay and set some goals for 2019. Long-time friend of the show Clark Chamberlain is currently running a sale for his outstanding outline service and Bryan is going to purchase one and raffle it off - listen to the podcast for details. Jim reminds everyone that an Author Marketing Club lifetime membership is still available for $97. The Happy Book Reviews Feature winner this week is Nicki Davis. Bryan thanks this week’s Featured Patrons: Planet Dead One Shot: The Briggs Boys, Strings of Subversion, and Mayhem & Murder. Hot Tips for indie authors include why mental endurance is important to a writer, how slow and steady can win the race, and how to prioritize writing even with a day job. Honorable Mention goes to Joanna Penn and her amazing decade. The news stories that matter most this week are why Mystery Writers of America un-awarded, how to make a go of publishing/aggregating, Dorene Stalter's likes and interests author success story, how to hit the NYT bestseller list, and how JA Culican found success around the world. Question of the Week: What would you rather have: a spot on the Amazon Charts, a spot on the New York Times bestseller list, or 1,000 reviews on a single book and why?

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