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Do you have a financial plan to get you through lean months? Jim welcomes Bryan back from the 20Booksto50K conference in Las Vegas. This week’s Happy Book Reviews feature winner is Pete Bauer. Bryan thanks our featured Patrons: Doubt the Stars, A Turn for the Worse, and Born Under a Bad Sign. The Hot Tips for indies this week are how indie authors can be better indie publishers, why negative reviews can boost sales, and what a marketing education can do your for your titles. The News you don’t want to miss includes how AI book translation is changing the future, what happened at Bowker, what steps did Sara Celi take to eradicate her impostor syndrome, where did all the ebooks go and what is Amazon doing about it, and how to fit your passion into your profits. Question of the Week: How do you plan for months where you'll earn less from your writing than usual?

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